Monday, May 31, 2010

plaaanneeee spotting.

Blast from February this year - a few plane spotting photos! Hope you enjoy (not really. its probably boring for the 99% of people/normal people. weird people like me find this stuff great)

I didn't have a UV filter yet, so the photos are a tad hazy in my opinion.

This is the awesome person I go plane spotting with! Yeah, the security guard drove past and sussed us out after too.

This is a picture taken from the little sony! I wish i had my SLR back then :(

Sunday, May 30, 2010

kingsford roundabout.

amazing. finally had someone else with me to take these pictures so i didn't look too sus. the lights are just awe-inspiring!

botanical gardens!

so today i was accompanying my friend to the botanical gardens for her design subject. quite a few hours, in front of the harbour bridge... what else could i do but take pictures? watch the next post - kingsford roundabout is quite amazing at night time with the cars and all. (Y)

look who's flying!

sorry, i had to sneak in a photo of the A380 flying above :)

wow the sky was quite amazing before. ripples of cloud

can we really set up a cafe there?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

just had the best thai.

Thai Fire Fry @ Bondi just served out some great king prawn salad. and their mix of white rice with a touch of brown was just amazing... quite embarrassing asking for rice 3 times though - but hey, the food was amazing.

Speaking of food, last night at the Wish Upon Event fundraiser, there were heaps of awesome canape's! Great atmosphere and great people were there too! Here's some pictures below from the event (and one little sneaky tripod shot)

even more? oh ja.

Beautiful statue of mary with a great background to it

some nice candles at the funeral

artistic lighting

wohoo! STEAK! omnomnomnomnom

and that's my order.

More photos!

even more photos from the earlier stages of the year

this was one from the gap in watsons bay.

both of these (above and below) are from the buddhist temple in wollongong! how about the bird and it's wings in the photo!

These two are from my backyard on an evening where the sunset was just amazing.

Oldish photos

Well here's a collection of old photos! There will be more soon. Optus' upload rate is annoying so i had to leave it for a while... sigh, oh well

first post!

thought i'd write something here first up. heaps of people have suggested me to get a blog so i can share my photos!

i'll be posting up the best of my photos very soon after i've created a watermark so people can't steal them. shame how this world has come to with bureaucracy and all :(