Friday, June 24, 2011

La Mint.

So last night I went to La Mint in Darlinghurst for a 6 course wine matching dinner with Robert Oatley Vineyards.

I'd have to say, the food and matching wines were quite amazing.

Not to mention the company I was with too :-)

I actually missed the entree photo (FAIL), which was spring rolls but cooked and modelled in a very unique way.

Smoked Salmon Roll
the traditional Vietnamese rice paper roll has a generous serving of smoked salmon introduced into it

Chilli Pepper Soft Shell Crab
battered soft shell crab with spicy chilli balanced with salt and shallots

Duck a la Cherry
duck seasoned with five different spices with a French cherry glaze

Pied de Cochon
crispy, tender pork leg with bearnaise sauce

Flan Caramel
egg custard with caramel topping with fresh fruits

Many thanks to La Mint for hosting the special night and serving up great food;
 and also to the awesome family that invited me along.

Oh and I'm definitely going back.

Find their website here
And their Facebook here

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Christina Thiers Music

A while back I did a shoot for my friend's album booklet, Christina Thiers.

Had quite an awesome time running around my local area trying to find all the right angles amongst all the costume changing!

She's actually doing a gig tonight at the Valve Bar if you got nothing better to do :)

Do you like your rock music? Then follow the links below to find out more..

Find her facebook page here

Listen to some sample clips here

Buy the album on iTunes!

Oh and here are the photos that didn't get used! I'll put up the actual album ones once they get produced :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soccer wrap up

thought i'd post a collection of indoor soccer pics from uni and golden goals in strathfield from social games

no wonder someone said i looked like spiderman



haha vinnie

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

fancy some cake? or is the ducky playdough?

nomnomnomnom cake.

i'm pretty sure the cream had a good amount of sugar as it tasted like a hybrid of icing sugar and cream :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday 9th: Guylian

after all the food during the day, we capped it off with a very similar dish to my attempt at baking during the day

raspberry chocolate cheesecake at guylian in the rocks.

the difference here is that the cheesecake had chocolate through it, as opposed to the brownie base of my cake..

Thursday 9th: Vivid Opera House

some pictures of the opera house during vivid sydney 2011.

only a snippet of the many i got from the night :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday 9th: Vivid Items

some photos of the items around Vivid Sydney 2011,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday 9th: Lex!

i've always wanted a dog.

not that i've never had one anyway;
but in 1996, back in kindy, our purebred dalamatian, Dotty impaled himself on the pool fence trying to jump.

I was only 5 at the time, but I could probably draw up the image of what I saw on that day.

come to think of it, that day was quite crazy.

It was the day before we left for indonesia, one of our regular trips back home. But for some reason my mum forgot to tell the teacher that I wouldn't be in for the last few days of school, so we popped in the day before we left into the class and she let the teacher know, as i crawled around the classroom as I do.

Upon getting home we got locked out in the back room - dead locked and hence had to jump out of the back window to get out. That's when we discovered the dog impaled, covered in blood and of course already dead.

It was lucky that I was probably too young to appreciate dogs back then, because I would probably have taken it very differently today.

I love dogs, and they seem to know that as well.

Especially this cute little (not really) beagle.

o harro

Thursday 9th: Sake

went to Sake Restaurant & Bar in argyle street, the rocks.

pretty damn epic i have to say.

hands down the best japanese I've ever had.

have to meet this Shaun Presland chef guy

the menu

sashimi appetiser

tuna tasting plate for 2
tuna avocado sushi rolls, tuna tataki salad
with white dressing & tuna tacos with Kozaemon Junmai 'sake shots'

kingfish yuan yaki
grilled hiramasa kingfish marinated
in soy, mirin and sake with hints of ginger and lemon,
finished with sweet soy sauce

popcorn shrimp
bite-sized prawn tempura pieces tossed
with creamy spicy sauce

sushi set
chef’s selection of nigiri (10 pieces), tamago,
classic thin roll (6 pieces) & miso soup

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday 9th: Cooking

baking, massive amounts of soup, and the combination with bread.

raspberry* cheesecake brownie

epic pumpkin soup

the bread with both...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roosters v Warriors - Supporting the Special Olympics team

roosters v warriors: saturday night football

at the game, which was also the occasion to send off the australian special olympics team heading off to greece next month.

that bizzare try